So with the lost of EQN heavy on our hearts the site is being converted to a MMO-RP drifters site.  A site to come and chat with those that love to RP in MMOs but don't currently have a home.  Feel free to chat about games you are looking forward to, be the MMO or not, and maybe bump into old friends or start new friendships as a MMO you are looking forward to ramps up to launch.

Scarlet Great Idea!
Artemisia Woo I love this, I feared it was being closed after the news and it wuld have been a shame, I love this community.
Yotan Nice!

Unfortunately, we find out that Everquest Next has been cancelled.  The official post is here.  I want to thank everyone that came here over the years and the administrative staff for their hard work.  We will keep the site open till the subscription has expired.  I wish you and yours, success in life and we'll see you in the next game!

Morella D'Vraenex We all suspected this for some time but that doesn't make it any better. Not finding any game that scratches that i...
Yotan i was hoping that them going dark was merely just a small hiccup till the wave of the company change and move was comple...
Swordsaint Knew it was coming still hurts

So it has been a very quiet year for those of us awaiting EQN.  2015 was a year of large changes for the company.  A move, new name, rebranding, staffing changes, and more.  Taken alone, these items can set back development of a product, but when combined it can push it way back.  But now is a new year with new possiblities.  The staff here will continue to dig up new information EQN and there have been some small comments in various Twitch streams that they are still working on it with staff being allowed back into the US.  So we welcome you to come and chat with us and we look forward to hearing more about the game, EverQuest Next!

In the lastest "The Workshop Show" #47 Terry stops in and drops some wonderful news for us, EQN is currently in internal testing at DBG!  Woo!!  There are some little tidbits in it but they are still working hard on it!

We have finished the Qeynos workshop this week and now we are on to the Halas workshop.  Here are some images from it.

Yotan was able to dig through the Twitch feed and pull out new portions of lore for us.

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